What Major Is Right For Me?

What major is right for me? Haven't we all encountered this question in the past? Deciding what to study in college can be frustrating. While the pressure to make this decision can be intense, there are ways to find a sensible path. Explore these suggestions when you find yourself asking “what major is right for me” to see what aligns with your personality and needs.

What Major Is Right For Me

College is a giant but necessary step towards establishing your career path in life. While there are countless programs available across the world in a range of fields, it can often prove difficult to decide on a particular major. If you are struggling to answer "what major is right for me?" or with what route is best for your college experience, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. Plenty of people find this part of the journey taxing. Luckily, a clear direction is easy to discover when you take time to research your options.

Dealing With the Pressures of the Future

There are many reasons why you might find yourself asking "what major is right for me?". Whether you are fresh out of high school or are returning to campus for the first time in many years, the weight of picking a major can be burdensome for anyone. In fact, an article published in 2013 titled “The Developmental Disconnect of Choosing a Major” suggests that the pressure of this decision can cause severe frustration and mental disruptions. Since being in school requires a lot of hard work and concentration, this entails added stress.

When you find yourself tasked with selecting a major, devote plenty of time to researching ones that pique your interest. Blindly making a selection without insight can lead you to a field where you never discover true fulfillment from your work. Asking yourself relevant questions and experimenting with a range of options can guide you in the direction of a career you can see yourself in for many years to come.

Take a moment to examine these suggestions on getting started. By taking several areas into account, you can expand your scope and reveal some exciting career paths.

Important Areas to Take Into Account

Explore Your Interests

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No matter how you answer "what major is right for me?", your college experience is likely going to involve a great deal of research. Academic papers and assignments require fact-checking and scouring endless sources for relevant bits of data. What better way to prepare for this activity than by doing a little bit of research on yourself? Taking time to think about your interests, and about what you like to do with your spare time, can be enlightening.

To feel satisfied with the major you select, it helps to enjoy the kind of work involved. For example, you may be the type of person who likes to keep tight track of your budget. If you find satisfaction in working with numbers and moving money around, it may be useful to think about a career in finance. Connecting the dots between your interests and potential career paths can help land you in a field where you can both thrive and get enjoyment from your work.

Consider Overall Employability

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Choosing a major based purely on your interests may make the coursework more enjoyable, but it may not be the best career move. Academic institutions are fantastic because most offer classes ranging from the practical to the absurd. You can take courses on almost anything you can imagine, from pop culture to quantum physics. Unfortunately, some majors can lead to dead ends after graduation.

When selecting a major, you need to bring rationality into the equation to make for a well-rounded approach. The overall employability of the major you choose is going to have a significant impact on your future. Even though a degree in philosophy may help you see existence from new perspectives, it will not always land you a job.

Still, you must not allow the employability of the major to dictate your decision. If you want to major in philosophy and still want to have your pick of career options, consider going to law school after graduation. Philosophy can open the mind to new patterns of thinking, which helps to create a perfect foundation for you to understand the complexities of the legal system. Getting creative with how you will use your major after graduating can help you to study what you prefer, while still keeping employability in mind.

Take Introductory Courses

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College is a time to experiment with different options. You are allowed certain freedoms in academic institutions you might not experience elsewhere. When you don’t know what major is right for you, it means you need to try your hand at a few different things to see what is most intriguing. To complete a degree, you are going to need to take a certain amount of elective courses. Typically, this means you can take a class in anything you find interesting or useful in rounding out your college experience.

Exposure often dictates what a person will be interested in as he or she goes through life. If you have never heard about a specific topic before, then you won’t know if it interests you or not. To figure out the question "what major is right for me?", look through the selection of classes at your school and see what offerings are available. Signing up for a variety of classes can expose you to a world of new ideas and help you decide on a suitable major.

Make Predictions

The future is a mystery in the sense that it is impossible to know exactly what is going to happen next. Of course, there are many ways to make educated guesses. When selecting a major, you may want to consider how the future can change your current plans. Before the invention of digital cameras, for example, people spent countless hours mixing chemicals and engaging in complicated developing processes to study photography. Choosing a major that technology is slowly rendering obsolete is something you should try to avoid for your security.

You can also use these future predictions to discover untapped potential. Technology is changing old institutions while simultaneously creating entirely new fields of study. Only a little more than a decade ago, the idea of studying social media in a classroom would have seemed somewhat silly. Now, entire academic programs are based on using social media in every field from marketing to developmental psychology. If you have a bit of foresight about what the future holds, you can build your college experience around helping to shape emerging industries.

What Major Is Right For Me: Examine Your Finances

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Finally, you are going to want to look at your finances. College is an expensive experience. It can be even more costly to enter a program available only through select institutions. Until recently, students have taken out loans to help cover the costs of education. Sadly, studies conducted over the past decade have pointed out the skullduggery of predatory student loan practices. Regulation on student loan interest rates is practically non-existent, and you could spend the rest of your life paying back heftier loans.

In certain cases, a loan to help you through college might be necessary. If not, it is best to explore all of your options before going into debt. The idea of college is to enter the world with a fresh slate, not to spend your entire life paying back the money you borrowed to enter the job market. Countless organizations and government programs offer scholarships and grants to students who fit certain criteria. Be sure to explore all of the resources available to you that way you can make more intelligent decisions for your financial future.

How much money you are likely to make within a chosen field is also a good bit of information to research. Potential earnings associated with a major can help point you in the direction of a future where you will be able to explore some rewarding financial options. The decision to study medicine, for example, usually offers more lucrative prospects than a field such as education. Knowing what your financial prospects are can also make it easier to decide what financial aid options are best for your academic experience.

Time to Breathe

There is no shame in taking a moment to catch your breath. College can put a lot of pressure on a person. When you are also juggling a packed work schedule, family obligations, and other extracurricular activities, it can split your focus. Taking a semester off to gather your thoughts can be exactly what you need to feel recharged.

Entering college immediately upon graduation from high school is what society pushes on students, but it is not the best path for everyone. College is often the first time a person has to make life-changing decisions without the watchful eye of a parent, teacher, or coach. Without relevant life experiences, a person’s confidence might be shaky when making some of these choices. By taking time away from school, you might be able to experience life for a bit.

Whichever major you select, it is going to have lasting ramifications on the rest of your life. Though this can seem like a lot of pressure, the decision will be much easier when you ruminate over your options for a bit. Give yourself plenty of time, experiment with different choices, and take advantage of what the future may hold for you.