How To Get the Spotify Student Discount

How To Get the Spotify Student Discount

The Spotify student discount is one of the best deals for students on the market right now, with unlimited music streaming service and a partnership with Hulu offering video streaming all in one account. Find out how you can sign up for a student account and pay 50 percent less for streaming services.

How To Get the Spotify Student Discount

If you’ve heard of the Spotify student discount, you know it’s a pretty sweet deal. But how do you sign up for the student discount program without jumping through a lot of hoops to prove you’re a student? How can Spotify offer a student discount program online to anyone, sight unseen?

What Is the Spotify Student Discount Program?

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First, let’s take a look at what the discount program entails. Spotify Premium gives full access to Spotify music streaming services, with unlimited streaming, playlists, sharing, and more. You can make playlists secret, shareable only by a link, or make them public and accessible to all. Spotify offers millions of songs from popular artists, indie bands, and even older classics for one monthly fee, not counting the cost of internet service or phone service for streaming. With the student discount program, these services are made accessible to students at a reduced monthly rate.

How Much Does the Spotify Student Discount Package Cost?

The student discount is 50 percent off the standard rate of $9.99, allowing students to access full services for only $4.99 a month with a valid payment method through credit, debit, or PayPal.

Are There Additional Benefits to a Spotify Student Account?

With a Spotify Student Account, you also get full access to Hulu as part of a partner program initiated between the two streaming services – at no additional cost. It’s a pretty good deal, offering $4.99 per month for both music and video.

Are There Any Limitations on a Discounted Student Account?

The only limitation is on your associated Hulu account. Rather than commercial-free Hulu, with the Spotify partnered plan you receive the limited commercial Hulu plan. While that’s still better than constant commercials, it does mean that advertising is in some way paying for your discount and you’re seeing an additional cost in time spent watching commercials. Otherwise, both your Hulu and Spotify accounts are unlimited, with no cap on streaming and full access to all music and video content on both streaming platforms.

But I Already Have a Hulu Account!

That’s okay. You can merge your existing Hulu account with your Spotify Premium account and only pay for one service rather than both. However, you may lose access to add-on or commercial-free services at the discounted rate.

How Do I Prove I’m a Student?

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Proving you’re a student starts with your university email address, which should end in .edu. Spotify partners with a service called SheerID to verify your enrollment while protecting your identity and personal data.

Are There Any Other Eligibility Requirements?

You must be over the age of 18, and you must be currently enrolled in and attending a Title IV accredited university. Non-accredited universities and colleges may not be eligible for enrollment in the discount program.

How Do I Sign Up For a Discounted Student Account With Spotify?

If you don’t already have a Spotify or Spotify Premium account, you can create a new account and register it under the student discount program.

  • Open in your web browser.
  • Click the link in the menu to sign up.
  • Enter the requested account information.
  • Once you’ve registered and confirmed, click the Premium link in the upper menu.
  • Click the link offering more information on the student discount program.
  • Follow the walkthrough to sign up for Premium by entering your payment information via either credit card or PayPal.
  • Complete the process to confirm a free 30-day trial with student rates at the end of the trial period.

What If I Already Have a Spotify Premium Account?

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If you already have a Spotify Premium account and you’re paying full price, you can log into the account and change the email associated with the account to a .edu email account from your school. Just click on your account in the menu, then edit your profile to confirm the new email address. You may have to contact customer service to notify them of the change and request the discount, but they should be able to change the payment plan and structure on your account easily.

What If I Already Have a Spotify Account, but It’s Not Premium?

You need to change your email address associated with the account, then upgrade to Premium. Follow the steps to update your email address to a .edu email from your school, then follow steps four through seven listed above to upgrade your account to premium on a student plan.

Is the Spotify Student Discount Open to High School Students?

Unfortunately, the student discount is only available for college students. Spotify has no way to verify high school students’ enrollment with student IDs, so without that, there’s no way to stop others from taking advantage of the program and causing bad repercussions for actual students. High school students have to wait until they graduate and enroll in a university or college to be able to take advantage of the Spotify student discount program.

Is the Spotify Student Discount Available Internationally?

While Spotify is available in multiple countries, the student discount program is only available in the United States and the United Kingdom; these are the only countries where Spotify has provisions in place to be able to verify student enrollment and eligibility. While US students only require a valid .edu email address to prove current enrollment, UK students must provide either their NUS Extra Card or UNIDAYS account; the Spotify website has a special page allowing students to enter this information. Students in other countries are not eligible for the discount program.

Can I Use Other Discounts Simultaneously With the Student Discount?

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No. For example, if you’re on a free trial, you can’t get the student discount because you can’t get a discount on free. Other discount codes and reduced rate programs may also disqualify you from participating in the student discount program unless you switch your account’s payment plan to use the student discount and no other coupons or reduced rates.

Can I Keep My Student Discount When I Graduate?

You may be able to as long as you also keep your student email, in the United States. However, if your student email is deactivated and you can no longer access it, you may even lose access to your Spotify account if it requires email to confirm and re-verify your account. Once you can no longer verify your student status, you have 12 months before your account converts to the standard rate.

Once you change your email to your regular email address, you may lose access to student discount options before that 12 month ends. In the UK, once you have graduated and no longer have an NUS Extra Card or UNIDAYS account, you will no longer be able to verify student eligibility with Spotify.

How Do I Use Spotify?

Spotify has both a web-based and desktop app, as well as mobile apps for your phone. Listen on the web through your browser, or download the apps to your PC, phone, or tablet for greater flexibility in managing your playlists and music. For example, on the app, you’re able to reorder the songs in your playlists with drag and drop, while that feature isn’t available through the web interface. Spotify is also available as a standalone app on devices such as the PS4, allowing you to play your music through your television.

How Do I Use Hulu?

Hulu, just like Spotify, has both a web interface and an app – including a recently released desktop app for Windows 10. The app lets you watch streaming video from your computer, phone, tablet, or television-compatible device, including Roku, Amazon Fire Sticks, and the PS4 platform. Just install and log into your account to manage your watch lists and brows available programming. You can also manage your account or watch online via the Hulu website.

Are There Any Alternatives to Spotify for Students?

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When it comes to combined music and streaming, students can try Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime also includes access to Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime Music, with many of the same offerings (outside of original video content) as the combination of Spotify and Hulu. The cost differential is fairly negligible, with the primary difference being that Spotify bills monthly while Amazon bills in a lump sum. Normally Amazon Prime costs $99, but students can access the service and its other benefits, including free two-day shipping, for six months for free before paying a 50 percent off reduced rate of $49 a year.

For music only, there’s also Pandora. For free, there’s also Grooveshark, Mflow, and several other comparable services that offer millions of songs – even if they may not be quite as up to date as the latest hit singles.

If I Cancel My Spotify Account, Are There Any Penalties?

Nope. You can cancel any time without penalties or fees. You don’t even have to explain yourself. Just log in, open your account details, and cancel your account. Keep in mind, though, that if you cancel your Spotify account, you’ll also lose access to the associated Hulu account.