Everything You Need To Know About Starbucks College Achievement Plan

Everything You Need To Know About Starbucks College Achievement Plan

Everything You Need To Know About Starbucks College Achievement Plan

If you don’t know about the Starbucks College Achievement Plan, you may be missing out. This plan gives opportunities for a number of people to tap into educational programs and chances that they may not have had access to otherwise. Read on to find out how the plan works, and what it can do for you.

So Just What Is the Starbucks College Achievement Plan?

The Starbucks College Achievement Plan is a special program that supports Starbucks employees, referred to as “partners” in the program, in attending and completing their college degrees. This program is in partnership with Arizona State University (ASU), and covers employees of EvolutionFresh™ and Teavana®. The program is offered online through ASU’s online education program.

Who Is Eligible for the Plan?

Employees of Starbucks, EvolutionFresh™, and Teavana® who work at least 20 hours per week are eligible, as long as those employees have not completed bachelor’s degrees from an accredited university. You do not have to reside in Arizona to be eligible.

Does the Plan Offer Full Tuition Coverage?

Yes. As long as students meet the requirements for the program, coverage is ensured fully through the completion of a bachelor-level program. However, this is only as long as you remain employed by Starbucks or one of its other franchises.

So I Have To Work for Starbucks To Enroll?

Yes. This makes sense, considering Starbucks is investing in the future of employees who may stay with the company to become an asset to them in higher-level positions over time by using the skills gained in the degree program.

How Long Do I Have To Work for Starbucks to Be Eligible?

Three months at the minimum. This is also the period of time before you become eligible for benefits; the Starbucks College Achievement Plan is considered a company benefit as financial aid and assistance. However, as soon as you are hired you can begin speaking to an enrollment counselor to find out about your options and begin the financial aid application process.

Can I Choose My University With the Starbucks College Achievement Plan?

Because ASU is sponsoring the program in partnership with Starbucks, you don’t have a choice of university under the program. Sponsorship requires an agreement between Starbucks and the university to handle tuition coverage under the statutes set out under the program.

Can I Transfer From My Existing University to ASU?

You absolutely can. As long as you meet the admissions criteria, you can switch universities and immediately apply for benefits under the Starbucks College Achievement Plan.

What Majors Does ASU Offer Under the Program?

The full scope of majors available at ASU is available to all students enrolled in the program, with over 60 majors total – including a special major in Retail Management developed specially for the Starbucks College Achievement Plan. Enrolled students can choose anything from business management to biological sciences depending on their academic scores, eligibility, and interests.

What Are the Benefits of Post-Secondary Education Through the Plan?

Students who obtain secondary education through university often see a number of benefits, and this plan is designed to improve those benefits. You can see gains such as:

  • Better career prospects
  • Higher salaries, averaging up to $1 million in a lifetime more than those without post-secondary degrees
  • A college education that works around your schedule with a regimented course load and flexible online degree programs
  • Full tuition reimbursement as long as you are enrolled as a Starbucks partner
  • Completing your degree without student loan debt

Can I Share Program Enrollment Benefits With Others in My Family?

If you’re a current or former military service member, yes. The program includes a special provision that allows you to designate only one family member to also receive program benefits. If you aren’t a current or former military service member, this benefit doesn’t apply to you.

Does Starbucks Offer Special Support Services or Waivers for Enrollment?

If you’re struggling to meet the requirements for enrollment in ASU based on past performance in college or high school, Starbucks and ASU offer a program called Pathway to Admission. You can undertake tuition-free coursework for only a $49 verification fee. Under this special program, you take four to eight first-year university-level courses; the number differs based on your course major and academic performance. The goal is to allow you to earn grades that prove your eligibility for full enrollment. Each course must be passed with a minimum of a C grade.

So Pathway to Admission Is Separate From Standard University Courses at ASU?

Yes. You’re not officially enrolled in the Starbucks College Achievement Plan at ASU until you pass the requirements of the Pathway to Admission program, if you failed to meet the initial qualifying requirements. However, on successful completion and enrollment at ASU you can convert your Pathway to Admission courses to college credits for your major.

Does Starbucks Pay for Everything Up Front?

Not quite. The Starbucks College Achievement Plan is a combined scholarship and tuition reimbursement program. That means that from the outset, students enrolled through the program receive a scholarship that covers 42 percent of tuition costs up front. Everything else is paid out of pocket but reimbursed on successful completion of each enrolled semester. This includes any fees involved in course attendance. In the end the cost is fully covered, but it is disbursed in parts.

Why Not Pay Everything at Once?

The goal of splitting expense coverage between a scholarship and reimbursement is to motivate student success. You’re more likely to strive your hardest to pass your courses if you know that, on failing, you won’t be reimbursed for the cost of the course. Financial motivation encourages students to earn their reimbursement with excellent academic performance.

How Is Reimbursement Processed?

ASU and Starbucks handle reimbursement automatically. As soon as you complete a term successfully, ASU notifies Starbucks. The reimbursement is then applied to your paycheck automatically. Theoretically you could continuously roll your reimbursements forward to pay for every new term, so that you’re only out of pocket once until the final reimbursement for completing your degree.

What Happens If I Don’t Complete My Enrolled College Term?

If you don’t complete the term, then you likely won’t receive reimbursement. You may have to speak to ASU and Starbucks if there are extenuating circumstances preventing you from completing the term or requiring you to delay your education for a semester or two. They may be able to advise you further on the best course of action and how it affects you.

How Much Does Starbucks Provide on Average Per Student?

The average amount disbursed to students annually is usually about $3,000 to $4,000 per student. This is based on the $490-$633 per credit hour cost of each of ASU’s online courses. However, this exact number may change depending on the course major.

Do I Have To Remain Employed at Starbucks After Graduation?

You don’t! While Starbucks may be investing in you with the program, that doesn’t put you under any obligation to remain with Starbucks as an employee. While you must remain a Starbucks employee to be eligible to complete the program in its entirety, once you’ve finished you’re free to seek employment wherever you’d like.

How Do Online Degree Programs Work?

Online degree programs let you attend courses in a virtual classroom. Everything, from “lectures” to exams, takes place online. Usually you communicate with your teachers and fellow students in a forum-based discussion environment that requires minimum mandatory participation in certain question-and-response sessions or open discussions.

However, these discussions and all assignments tend to be deadline-based, rather than scheduled as courses in physical classrooms are. Rather than arriving in the classroom at a specific time to attend the lecture, you access the course materials and assignments on your own schedule by logging in through your browser online. You could attend coursework at midnight or start bright and early first thing in the morning.

This makes it easier for working professionals to fit classes and coursework around full-time or part-time jobs, families, and other expectations. It also allows more flexibility in scheduling your required courses rather than having to skip out on certain courses because they clash with each other or your work schedule. This also allows the program to be accessible to Starbucks employees nationwide, rather than limited to those who can attend classes at the physical Arizona State University campus.

Do Starbucks and ASU Cover Costs for My Computer or Internet?

No. You are responsible for providing your own computer equipment and internet access, including any peripherals you may require. Neither Starbucks nor ASU will compensate you for equipment or service costs. However, you may be able to find discounted equipment secondhand or make use of public resources, such as libraries.

Is the Program Only Available in the United States?

While the program has limited availability outside the United States, it has been available in South Korea since 2016, working with Hanyang Cyber University. However, Starbucks offers a number of benefits to employees in other countries outside of the education program.