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7 Reasons Why Productivity Software Isn’t for Everyone

Productivity software has given us a lot of help. Living in the digital age creates unparalleled opportunities for creativity but also a never-ending cycle of distractions. It is now easier than ever to publish a book, build a website, and create video content. Increased demands on time with the ability to accomplish any goal have created an increased desire for maximum productivity. Need to manage a project? There’s...

5 Free College Schedule Maker Resources

Having a college schedule maker is a big help to students. If you're trying to juggle college, work and family life, schedule planning is a must. Knowing where you need to be and when you need to be there is the key to making everything work, from classes to study sessions, tests, family time, work schedules and more.

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How To Print PowerPoint With Notes

We will teach you how to print Powerpoint with Notes. They can be a great solution to print learning materials from your class at college. Sometimes, even printing a hard copy can be a confusing task and it can add burden to an already heavy ordeal of being in college.

If you’re not familiar with notes in Microsoft PowerPoint, they’r...

Everything You Need To Know About Starbucks College Achievement Plan

Everything You Need To Know About Starbucks College Achievement Plan

If you don’t know about the Starbucks College Achievement Plan, you may be missing out. This plan gives opportunities for a number of people to tap into educational programs and chances that they may not have had access to otherwise. Read on to find out how the plan works, and what it can do for you.

So Just What Is the Starbu...

Top Six Things to Include in a Recommendation Letter for Student

Top Six Things to Include in a Recommendation Letter for Student

Writing letters of recommendation can feel like a daunting task. In fact, there are a lot of angles to consider when piecing together best practices for a recommendation letter for student success in future job prospects, scholarship applications or college admissions packets. Most importantly, the goal is to ensure what you write helps the stud...

5 reasons why self management skills are important

Whether you are seeking to improve your status at work or achieve greater heights on a personal level, self-management skills are the keys to success. Mastering the various abilities can empower you to accomplish your individual goals or move up the ladder in the corporate world. It adds value to your character and builds self-esteem. The following skills are components of self-management. As you develop each element, ...

How To Get the Spotify Student Discount

The Spotify student discount is one of the best deals for students on the market right now, with unlimited music streaming service and a partnership with Hulu offering video streaming all in one account. Find out how you can sign up for a student account and pay 50 percent less for streaming services.

How To Get the Spotify Student Discount

If you’ve heard of the Spotify student discount, you know...

10 character traits from straight A students that you should also adopt

Embrace These 10 Character Traits From Straight A's and See Your Grades Soar

The excitement and anticipation of beginning college often carry along with it a certain amount of trepidation and even fears. You might wonder if you will make new friends if you will face homesickness or perhaps if you picked the right major. Even more significant concerns for many college-bound young men and women, and maybe for...

5 Smart Tips To Increase Your Productivity

Whether you are a student or an employee, you understand the feelings of stress and frustration at continually being behind no matter how hard you work. Learning how to work smarter not harder, is the best way to re-evaluate your habits and become more productive. Read five smart tips to improve your work performance.

Work Smarter Not Harder: 5 Smart Tips To Increase Your Productivity

Have you ever se...

What Major Is Right For Me?

What major is right for me? Haven't we all encountered this question in the past? Deciding what to study in college can be frustrating. While the pressure to make this decision can be intense, there are ways to find a sensible path. Explore these suggestions when you find yourself asking “what major is right for me” to see what aligns with your personality and needs.

What Major Is Right For Me


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