Bioengineering And Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineers (BMEs) advance the technologies and frameworks needed to drive modern healthcare. Blending engineering skills with thorough knowledge of the health services industry and natural biology, BMEs are often experts in a particular engineering discipline and biomedical science.

By its nature, this field is about problem-solving. Biomedical engineers work to solve complex translational problems in industries like biotechnology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, equipment manufacturing, consulting, and research and development.

Prospective BMEs should develop an educational plan based on standards set by the intended state-of-practice. For example, some states only issue licenses to engineers with graduate degrees. All undergraduate BME programs should be accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

Degrees in Biomedical Engineering

Bachelor Degrees

Students need to complete at least a 4-year bachelor's degree, preferably in BME or, alternatively, a related engineering discipline with significance relevance to biomedical engineering applications.

The best biomedical engineering schools afford students didactic access to a medical facility or medical school. They maintain an interdisciplinary approach that spans numerous engineering disciplines and engages the Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics, among others.

Core BME coursework includes:

  • Cellular & Molecular Biology
  • Biological Control Systems
  • Biological Thermodynamics
  • Biomedical Simulation & Modeling
  • Linear Systems
  • Systems Biology

Many top biomedical engineering schools let students earn a specialized bachelor's degree. Specialty areas on the medical side of BME studies may focus on a body system, special technology, pathology like cancer, or product like a devices or class of drugs.

On the engineering side, specialization often emphasizes an engineering science like chemical, electrical, or mechanical engineering. The possibilities are myriad. In general, the higher the education pursued, the more power students will have to determine their own course of study.

Here are some other areas of specialization:

  • Medical Imaging & Biomarkers
  • Biomaterials & Biomechanics
  • Biotechnology & Bioengineering
  • Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
  • Biosystems & Bioproducts
  • Sensors, Microsystems & Instrumentation

Students with a bachelor's in biomedical engineering may go on to medical school or graduate school, or they may simply enter the workforce. The latter can usually find entry-level jobs as technicians or field support. For these individuals, the idea is to gain as much solid work experience as possible. Employers will hire Bachelors as full-title biomedical and clinical engineers once they have some industry experience, ranging from 2 to 10 years.

Which jobs are available to bachelor degree-holders, especially with industry experience?

  • Field Engineer - Ultrasound Technology
  • Product Process Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer

Master Degrees

Master's candidates study how biological organisms function as engineering systems. They learn to apply engineering techniques to solve complex clinical technology problems. Master degree programs typically last about 2 years. Those who go on to medical school will spend 4 years earning an M.D.

Master candidates pursue either the Master of Science (M.S.) or Master of Engineering (M.Eng.). The former is for research; the latter is considered the terminal professional degree. Typically, the M.Eng. involves a greater design component. Both are acceptable for employment purposes.

To get into graduate school, students must complete the undergraduate coursework sought by their desired program. Medical schools, for example, look for pre-med coursework. Many programs accept undergraduate degrees in Chemistry, Physics, or a related Engineering discipline in lieu of the BME major, but compensatory coursework may be required.

Coursework for an M.S. in Biomedical Engineering may include:

  • Advanced Engineering Math
  • Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
  • Kinetics, Thermodynamics & Transport in Biomedicine

A master's degree-holder can become a:

  • Clinical Engineer
  • Tissue Research Engineer
  • Biomedical Digital Signal Processors Engineer

Doctoral Work

Employers value higher education in this industry, and there are many rewards for those who earn a Ph.D. Doctoral students often have access to professional connections who can considerably enhance their employment prospects. They will also be eligible for academic work or independent research.

Doctoral graduates may further attend postdoctoral fellowships to gain valuable experience for a professional research career. Such fellowships provide specialized experience that can open up advanced employment opportunities. In general, those with a Ph.D. plus clinical postdoctoral work will retain a competitive job outlook.

BMEs who can transform biological discoveries into viable products and help bring them to market will see some of the best employment prospects in the field. Ph.D.s are well-suited to this task as researchers who develop effective methods, devices and therapies for contemporary medical practice.

Some common Ph.D. areas of research focus are:

  • Biomaterials & Drug Delivery
  • Microbiotechnology & Nanobiotechnology
  • Biomedical Mechanics

Here are some BME jobs that require a Ph.D.:

  • Biomedical Research Associate
  • Medical Device Commercialization Consultant
  • Senior Biostatistician - Oncology

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We found 86 schools offering "Bioengineering And Biomedical Engineering" degree programs in the U.S.

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Bioengineering And Biomedical Engineering Schools Ranked By US News and World Report

Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD  |  Total Enrollment: 17774

Degrees Offered: Bachelor's, Postbaccalaureate certificate, Master's, Post-Masters certificate, Doctor's, First-professional degree
Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus
Atlanta, GA  |  Total Enrollment: 14805

Degrees Offered: Bachelor's, Master's, Doctor's
University of California - San Diego
La Jolla, CA  |  Total Enrollment: 20197

Degrees Offered: Bachelor's, Postbaccalaureate certificate, Master's, Post-Masters certificate, Doctor's, First-professional degree, First-professional certificate
Duke University
Durham, NC  |  Total Enrollment: 12192

Degrees Offered: Bachelor's, Postbaccalaureate certificate, Master's, Doctor's, First-professional degree, First-professional certificate
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA  |  Total Enrollment: 10090

Degrees Offered: Bachelor's, Master's, Doctor's, First-professional degree
University of Washington - Seattle Campus
Seattle, WA  |  Total Enrollment: 36139

Degrees Offered: Bachelor's, Postbaccalaureate certificate, Master's, Doctor's, First-professional degree, First-professional certificate
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA  |  Total Enrollment: 21853

Degrees Offered: Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, Post-Masters certificate, Doctor's, First-professional degree, First-professional certificate
Stanford University
Stanford, CA  |  Total Enrollment: 18549

Degrees Offered: Bachelor's, Master's, Post-Masters certificate, Doctor's, First-professional degree
Rice University
Houston, TX  |  Total Enrollment: 4205

Degrees Offered: Bachelor's, Master's, Doctor's
University of California - Berkeley
Berkeley, CA  |  Total Enrollment: 31277

Degrees Offered: Bachelor's, Postbaccalaureate certificate, Master's, Post-Masters certificate, Doctor's, First-professional degree, First-professional certificate

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Title City State Enrollment
Arizona State University at the Tempe Campus Tempe AZ 44126
Boston University Boston MA 28318
Brown University Providence RI 7723
California State University - Sacramento Sacramento CA 25714
Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh PA 8514
Case Western Reserve University Cleveland OH 9304
Catholic University of America Washington DC 5493
Cedar Crest College Allentown PA 1519
Clemson University Clemson SC 17465
Columbia University in the City of New York New York NY 19639
Drexel University Philadelphia PA 13128
Duke University Durham NC 12192
George Washington University Washington DC 20527
Georgia Institute of Technology - Main Campus Atlanta GA 14805
Indiana University - Purdue University - Indianapolis Indianapolis IN 27525
Iowa State University Ames IA 26845
Johns Hopkins University Baltimore MD 17774
Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College Baton Rouge LA 31527
Louisiana Tech University Ruston LA 10363
Marquette University Milwaukee WI 10892
Mercer University Macon GA 6908
Michigan State University East Lansing MI 43366
Michigan Technological University Houghton MI 6336
Milwaukee School of Engineering Milwaukee WI 2620
Mississippi State University Mississippi State MS 16561
New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark NJ 8820
Northwestern University Evanston IL 16952
Ohio State University - Main Campus Columbus OH 47952
Oregon State University Corvallis OR 16758
Pennsylvania State University - Main Campus University Park PA 40571
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy NY 8022
Rose - Hulman Institute of Technology Terre Haute IN 1725
Rutgers University - New Brunswick/piscataway New Brunswick NJ 35236
Saint Louis University - Main Campus Saint Louis MO 13847
Syracuse University Syracuse NY 18186
Texas A & M University College Station TX 44026
The University of Tennessee Health Science Center Memphis TN 2069
The University of Texas at Arlington Arlington TX 20424
The University of Texas at Austin Austin TX 49996
The University of Texas Southwest Med Ctr - Dallas Dallas TX 1505
Tufts University Medford MA 9106
Tulane University of Louisiana New Orleans LA 11652
University of Akron Main Campus Akron OH 21363
University of Alabama at Birmingham Birmingham AL 14951
University of Arizona Tucson AZ 34488
University of California - Berkeley Berkeley CA 31277
University of California - Davis Davis CA 26094
University of California - Irvine Irvine CA 20211
University of California - Los Angeles Los Angeles CA 36890
University of California - San Diego La Jolla CA 20197
University of California - San Francisco San Francisco CA 3517
University of Connecticut Storrs CT 19393
University of Florida Gainesville FL 45114
University of Houston Houston TX 32123
University of Idaho Moscow ID 11635
University of Illinois at Chicago Chicago IL 24942
University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign Champaign IL 38465
University of Iowa Iowa City IA 28311
University of Kentucky Lexington KY 23114
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Newark NJ 4666
University of Memphis Memphis TN 19986
University of Miami Coral Gables FL 13963
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor Ann Arbor MI 38103
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Minneapolis MN 45481
University of Nebraska at Lincoln Lincoln NE 22268
University of Nevada - Reno Reno NV 13149
University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia PA 21853
University of Pittsburgh - Main Campus Pittsburgh PA 26329
University of Rhode Island Kingston RI 14362
University of Rochester Rochester NY 8071
University of South Florida Tampa FL 35561
University of Southern California Los Angeles CA 29194
University of Toledo Toledo OH 19491
University of Utah Salt Lake City UT 24948
University of Vermont and State Agricultural Coll Burlington VT 10118
University of Virginia - Main Campus Charlottesville VA 22411
University of Washington - Seattle Campus Seattle WA 36139
University of Wisconsin - Madison Madison WI 40658
Vanderbilt University Nashville TN 10092
Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond VA 24066
Washington University in St Louis Saint Louis MO 12118
Wayne State University Detroit MI 30408
Western New England College Springfield MA 4826
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester MA 3874
Wright State University - Main Campus Dayton OH 13964
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